Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Priscilla Lim!:D

Soo, this is for Priscilla Limmm! She is so sweet you know she dedicated a post to me on her wonderful Tumblr blog!
How sweet right, not only one but two!
Haha what to do I guess she just loves me too much right! :)
Haha so I shall dedicate one to her also right...
So here it goes... I find it kinda funny how we from strangers we actually ended up like this...
Because, we ourselves! Don't even know how we became friends! Soo cool right! Haha:D
You know something, my mum misses both of you'll never come anymore!
Veryy good la just dont come! No more frying chips for us! Ahah
Even my maid asked me your friends never come anymore? And i am NOT kidding! See everyone also misses you'll!
Haha(: So we just visited rachel heng, " heng heng food supplies!"
And someone I don't know who ah buy she said " just shut up!" so bad right!
No la! Ok so anyways I am in art class now and it is soo boring!
Haha ok I'm off:D



Blogger shafia said...

Wanted to put a beautiful picture of us but my-just-so wonderful iPod can't put pictures! Haha:D

September 3, 2009 at 1:43 AM  

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