Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out of apathy...

Just like reached home from school and my stomach is hurting!
so today i had Geog test which went rather ok eventhough i did not even study for it!
haha hopefully i can pass huh!(:
i need to go to Cold Storage soon as i needa go and buy some stuff for my Home Econs practical exam tomorrow!
can't wait to actually cook it!
haha:D toooo excitedd!
ok anyways i really feel like going outt!
i have no mood to study but that has to change right!
i need to study do well and then go out as much as i want and not feel regretful right!
and thats why i REALLLYYYYY cant wait for the stupid dumb annoying shits end of the year exms to finish(:
hee hee:D
got to go noww!
bye bye!

so many people ask
us to keep distance with
you but we don't want to!


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