Friday, September 18, 2009

One more day to go!

Today there was my history test which went rather ok on Chapter on 7!
then when school was over i stayed back in school and helped Prashannah & Zoey take down te teachers' day sign thingy and all the nails stuck to it!
Got poked soo many times by those tiny little almost invisible nails ok!
ok then after that i went home as i have no dance today((:
then i was suppose to go out with Priscilla Lim after dance but then my mum did not allow as we had to go for a family dinner at orchard!
so lame ok i wanted to go out with her sooo badly because we have not gone out for sooo long!
i just really wish time will pass fast and the exams will be easy for me(:
anyways i went to Holland to do some stuff and i bought monster lollipops!:D
anyways then i went for dinner, i had chicken rice! yummy yum yum!

i just came home from my cousins house and i put henna on my hands!(:
so nice ok!
ok i'm off kinda late now...
bye bye
see you soon?

if you are trying to
make me jealous,you
are doing a really bad job!


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