Tuesday, September 22, 2009

why do all good things come to an end?

wellzzz... today went as normal as any other day goes... went to school in the morning and found out that i had not done my geog homework so had to rush on that...
got my mth test back... got 18/25 not that happy about it because i made soo many stupid dumb mistakes! haha(:
did bio practical and i was so lost at first ok!
hah but luckily i remebered everything and managed to get the same answer as everyone else...
nevertheless, i have two test tomorrowww!
Home economics and Literature!
studying home econs now but have not even started on lit!
so gotta try continuing to study so i'm offf!


so i do guess our friendship is gone and never coming back...
i don't feel bad because i did my part and i dont know if you think you did yours but whatever
i give up i am not going to try anymore!
i have my own friends you have yours so go & live your life!
because i am starting to realise that i can enjoy my life without you!
so just go and get lost!
i mean you have your two buddies right!
its over...


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