Thursday, November 19, 2009


oh my god have'nt i been not blogging like FOREVER?
haha soo lazy to do it!

ok well alot of things have been happening so lazy to type it all out so i am just gonna talk about recent things!

yesterday was the BBQ at mrs tye's house. it was SUPER fun ok!
haha we took a ton of pictures and like we spent like practically the whole day there we met at clementi at 10 am bought the stuff went for lunch somewhere nearby. then we went home and me priscilla an lynn and adelene went so called swimming!

after that we were all wet right so we had to dry ourselve so we went into the suana and took the whole baldi filled it to the brim and and poured and it was soooo hot we could not breathe cause of all the smoke it was sooo funny! HAHAHA!

anyways went up to do the marinating of the chicken and stuff then played cards!(:
then everyone came and we bbq under the rain!
so cool right! and we went home at like 10 40? around there!
so adelene gonnaupload the pictures soon on fb. and see ya soon!:D


i'm sorry if you think i did not
talk to you alot i had nothing to say.
and to you, i am glad we talked abit yesterday i
really missed thoses times!