Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love drunk

Like oh my god! Exams are this thursday and I have not even started my revision at all!!
I have to start studyingg! But I tell you ah really no mood):
Haiya! I needa do well!!
any motivation to give me anyone??

Ok so anyways I finally went out with Priscilla on Friday after like forever! Haha(:
And speaking of her, I hope everything is alright between the both of you'll ok...
F1 Rocks is tonight! Hopefully i will be able to see Backstreet Boys again!!:D
Wells nothing more to say I guess.. hah(:


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

why do all good things come to an end?

wellzzz... today went as normal as any other day goes... went to school in the morning and found out that i had not done my geog homework so had to rush on that...
got my mth test back... got 18/25 not that happy about it because i made soo many stupid dumb mistakes! haha(:
did bio practical and i was so lost at first ok!
hah but luckily i remebered everything and managed to get the same answer as everyone else...
nevertheless, i have two test tomorrowww!
Home economics and Literature!
studying home econs now but have not even started on lit!
so gotta try continuing to study so i'm offf!


so i do guess our friendship is gone and never coming back...
i don't feel bad because i did my part and i dont know if you think you did yours but whatever
i give up i am not going to try anymore!
i have my own friends you have yours so go & live your life!
because i am starting to realise that i can enjoy my life without you!
so just go and get lost!
i mean you have your two buddies right!
its over...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


welllll these are some of the pictures not too many as i am lazy... hahha(: but yeah!


well, yesterday was Hari Raya so in the morning went to the mosque then went to my aunties house to have breakfast which was D E L I C I O U S!
then we got ready for the lunch party at my other aunties house where there were like over 250 people i swearrr! it was so crowded that it was so difficult to walk!
anyways kanchana came for the lunch and since she was not that hungry we just skipped to dessert! yummy!
so yeah then after that my family and i just went visiting and got money money money!
hee hee(:
so anyways i will upload some pictures if i am not to lazy but if not you can just see some pictures tagged of me!
see ya when i see ya!

i am so happy to know that fact!

Friday, September 18, 2009

One more day to go!

Today there was my history test which went rather ok on Chapter on 7!
then when school was over i stayed back in school and helped Prashannah & Zoey take down te teachers' day sign thingy and all the nails stuck to it!
Got poked soo many times by those tiny little almost invisible nails ok!
ok then after that i went home as i have no dance today((:
then i was suppose to go out with Priscilla Lim after dance but then my mum did not allow as we had to go for a family dinner at orchard!
so lame ok i wanted to go out with her sooo badly because we have not gone out for sooo long!
i just really wish time will pass fast and the exams will be easy for me(:
anyways i went to Holland to do some stuff and i bought monster lollipops!:D
anyways then i went for dinner, i had chicken rice! yummy yum yum!

i just came home from my cousins house and i put henna on my hands!(:
so nice ok!
ok i'm off kinda late now...
bye bye
see you soon?

if you are trying to
make me jealous,you
are doing a really bad job!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out of apathy...

Just like reached home from school and my stomach is hurting!
so today i had Geog test which went rather ok eventhough i did not even study for it!
haha hopefully i can pass huh!(:
i need to go to Cold Storage soon as i needa go and buy some stuff for my Home Econs practical exam tomorrow!
can't wait to actually cook it!
haha:D toooo excitedd!
ok anyways i really feel like going outt!
i have no mood to study but that has to change right!
i need to study do well and then go out as much as i want and not feel regretful right!
and thats why i REALLLYYYYY cant wait for the stupid dumb annoying shits end of the year exms to finish(:
hee hee:D
got to go noww!
bye bye!

so many people ask
us to keep distance with
you but we don't want to!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Missing you guys! ):

Have not been blogging for awhile huh!
Well I just came back from Malaysia yesterday night at like 11 we flew there but took a bus back(:
So anyways I have not been studying at all and have not started my homework at all!!! I an just so lazy):
I really need to do something with myself man!
My holidays are going fine soo far but I really miss some guys!
I feel like I just need to see you'll! Haven't even been talking to you'll for like a week or more! ):

To you, I talked to you the other day on the phone and it was so fun ok!
We so need to go out soon ok with you know who!
Just can't wait for this dumb annoying exams to be over and then we are all FREEE!
Oh my god right! I just get soo excited even thinking of it!(: haha
Eat cold rock ok:D


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ok so the holidays have arrived & so far been really gooood! Haha(:
Yesterday after break fast, my cousins and I went for a movie dance flick!.
Wowit is sooo funny I was like laughing during three-quarter of the movie ok!
Hahaha(: it is actually NC16 but I guess it was soo crowded they didn't even bother to check!
Soo yeah... Today in the in the morning I had tuition and the tuition teacher Is so annoying I feel like killing him ok!
He us like this loser who Is single but supposedly has a girlfriend but I don't know! I don't think so! Haha!!
Ok i'm off! See ya:D


Friday, September 4, 2009

Yet another passed...

Today was as normal as any other day... haha(:
first period was Math & we had to do a revision paper as exams are UNFORTUNATELY coming sooooon!
but the positive side to all of this is that the holidays have arrived!:D
anyways... got my PPR back and i am not very happy with it as i did not do fantastic but is not that sad either because at least i did not fail anything!
luckily i started studying for the few tests recently, if not god knows how much i would have got man! hahah:D
haha my brother disturbing me! got to go!

finally we got some
time to talk alone(:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Priscilla Lim!:D

Soo, this is for Priscilla Limmm! She is so sweet you know she dedicated a post to me on her wonderful Tumblr blog!
How sweet right, not only one but two!
Haha what to do I guess she just loves me too much right! :)
Haha so I shall dedicate one to her also right...
So here it goes... I find it kinda funny how we from strangers we actually ended up like this...
Because, we ourselves! Don't even know how we became friends! Soo cool right! Haha:D
You know something, my mum misses both of you'll never come anymore!
Veryy good la just dont come! No more frying chips for us! Ahah
Even my maid asked me your friends never come anymore? And i am NOT kidding! See everyone also misses you'll!
Haha(: So we just visited rachel heng, " heng heng food supplies!"
And someone I don't know who ah buy she said " just shut up!" so bad right!
No la! Ok so anyways I am in art class now and it is soo boring!
Haha ok I'm off:D


Here we come Paris!

These are some pictures from yesterday's English project!
i'm am too lazy to type to let the pictures dot he talking:D
all i have to say is that it was a fun day!(: