Monday, August 31, 2009


today history was fun...
sat with Clarissaaaa! just talk only i tell you!
ok so anyways after that went for the concert...
so poor thing ok the band in my school was singing with soo much effort and we could like hardly hear them because of the dumb mike system! haha(: sad sad!
ok then the prefects, Trixia, Harlina,Zoey and prashanaah did the nobody dance!
hee hee so cute prashanaah and zoey behind!
and Trixia and Harlina, great jobb!
and then since Kanchana was not going to Raffles i was not going to go but then Shafiqa called me to come so then i went la since it like behind my house and stuff! ahaa:D
ok so then anyways...
Raffles was fun and WOW! the indoor sports hall! just wow!
anyways just caught up with old friends!
and shafiqa and i caught up on alot too
so to sum up the whole day it was fun!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome much!!

Today was awesome! even though i woke up really late last night because i slept over at my cousins house and we like played badminton from 10 30-11 30 and then did arm-wrestling monopoly and much more and slept at like 3 30am! haha(: so yeah...
Had to wake up at 5 40 to eat! then when we woke up played boggle and then went for the kite-flying competition at West Coast Park but couldn't fly for long as it started to rain AGAIN):
but we like cut soooo many peoples strings! haha it was fun!:D
Then came home showered and went to break fast! YUMMY as usual!
Tomorrow teacher's day celebration gonna the prefects dance to Nobody by the wonder girls! awesome! cant wait! hee hee(:
ok anyways i'm off!

i really dont know
what to do anymore!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i never knew something like that could ever happen!
i mean like seriously...
but anyways i DONT EVER AND WILL NEVER regret getting into all that trouble, because i have had all the fun in my life with the both of you'll during those times...
well i guess your phrase is right...
"enjoy while you can" and we did not enjoy, but we had the fun of our lives!
and now i actually know the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP!
because you will never really know until you have the feeling that you are gonna loose it!
i just hope that this and nothing else can affect our friendship...(:

Anyways now i am not allowed to put my fringe down in school, can't have a short skirt and all those things because of someone!
i mean seriously how pathetic is that!
but anyways...
i'm off!

I am just very happy
that you're alright!:D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fasting has arrived...

Yeah so fasting month has arrived...
no more lunchesss! D:
yesterday i watched G.I Joe which i did not think would be nice but turned out to be quite interesting.. haha:D
but unfortunately today i TOTALLY have no energy! like the whole day i have been lying down using the computer!
like seriously how pathetic is that?
so loser i tell you!
i cant even go to city hall to give Priscilla Lim her wallet which i am totally sorry about ok!
and i have been waking up so late nowdays i tell you at like 12 something! because have to wake up at 5 to eat and the go sleep again! how unhealthy is that! haha:D
ok i'm off!
and oh ya happy anniversary you two! :D


Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Today i got my test back and HOORAY i like got 24/30 which is like A1! woo hooooo!
then after school went to Pizza Hut with Rachel Priscilla! haha very funnnnyyy!
at the moment we are at my house and PRISCILLA WANTS TO SLEEP!
how pathetic right!
ya but now she is awake and wants to eat chocolate so anyways gonna buy chocolate! Then have to take my cousins from Pakistan out at about 4!
soo byeee!:D

sometimes i feel quite
out when i am with

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yeah so today...
went to school and was soooo eager to have PE but GUESS WHAT! Mr Koh was absentttt!):
i mean like seriously out of all days today! but yeah had two free oeriods so was able to finish our physics project so that it wont eat up into our recess so yeah it was good but bad that he was absent.... After at like the endint of school had Bio practical and it had to do with onions! and i started tearing and my eyes were sooo pain ok!
hahah:D but yeah... it was an east pratical..
after that met Priscilla helped her fail her Lit file then three of us(Priscilla, Rachel and I) came over to my house and ate spaghetti! YUM YUM!
ok then we studied! and went to the park to play and i wonder who ah but someone just kept on talking CHINESE! so annoying:D hahha
ok la i just got fever for god knows what reason and i am superrr tired so i am gonna sleep! byebye!
and oh ya cant we like wear what they are wearing in that picture and not what dunno swimming suit we have to wear! haha (: i like this picture!

i am trying and
i hope you do too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday,July 16, 2009

Today is Rachel Hengs birthday!
haha aren't i sweeet?
i know i am(:
hee hee
ok so anyways today was not all that interesting...
in the morning i had to do dome work which sadly, i hardly did! haha
then in the afternoon i went to this like Singapore-Pakistani play thing which i thought would not be all that good but turned out to be rather entertaining! haha(:
and yep, that is kinda all i did!
but today i am happy but sad!
i found out this certain news!
i dont know if i shall be sad or happy! hahah(:
but I'm kinda both! so yeah...
anyways next week is a new week and i guarantee that there would be more & more test! sadly...
and guess what! fasting month is coming!
and soooo PRISCILLA LIM! i guess there would be hardly anymore lunches together):
only 1 week can!
and i wanna have a picnic!
anyone wanna come?
and i also wanna watch up!

but i needa buck up on my studies toooo!
so i need to plan my time wisely now(:
ok i'm offfffff!

So have you thouht why i
don't wanna be your friend yet?
may i know the answer!?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday,July 16, 2009 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:)

Hope you enjoy your day in prefect camp! Haha:D
See ya soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

ok so yesterday had dance and stuff then after that went to Serene Centre with Melanie and Audrey to rent movies for Melanie's sleep over...
then we went to melanie's house to change and then just to a cab to West Mall as we were tooo lazy to take a bus there...
then we went to play DDR and then An Lynn came so then we had dinner at Swensens!
Which the bill came up to $111.47! like OH MY GOD RIGHT! hee hee(:
then we wemt to take neoprints!
then we just took a bus home as we did not have enough money to take a cab anymore!
so then when we reached home Melanie's father called me and an lynn in the kitchen as he wanted to suprise malanie with a cake! haha so then we asked them to go down first...
then after that we came down with melanie's family and a cake! haha
after all we wanted to go for a night swim but unfortunately, it started drizzling! so yeah...
ok then we showered and started watching movies! hah i fell asleep after one because i have liked watched Angus, things and perfect snogging a million times! so yeah... i thought i could fall asleep and wake up when their movie ends but i overslept): haha when i woke up at 3 they were talking about some christian stuff so i went back to sleep and when i woke up again at 4 they were sleeping and i could not fall asleep until ike 5 30 6! hah yeah...
then anyways when i came home i fell asleep! for like 3 hours! IT WAS DAMN GOOOOOD LA! hahah:D
when i woke up i watched liar liar on channel 5 then did some work... hee hee(:
then my cousin was over so just like hang around the house talk talk talk...
haha then she went home and now i am updating my blog! haha so anyways i'm off!

If i did'nt wanna be your friend,
i would not attend you event right?
and i actually wanna know why you
think i dont wanna be your friend.
can you please tell me...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

today we had like 2 test! both were kinda ok...
so anyways, after school went to collect the "HINT HINT" cake at NYDC!
hahah wonder who la! hint hint all! ok then brought Amirah,Zoey and Nur Ain to my house to suprise Rachel when Priscilla brought her with Prashanah becasue that TEDDY BEAR TALK ND TALK AND TALK! haha:D ok then anyways suprise suprise all the finish la play twister pinyata everything la! hahha very lazy to type! hee hee(:
ok anyways to sum up the day i just have to say that it was AWESOME:D
thanks everyone for coming! and Priscilla thanks we did a great job together right!
ok gotta go shower now... just finsh clearing up(:
i'm off! bye:D

so how?
what we gonna do now?
what's gonna happen?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

So this is how my day went...
In the morning i woke at at around 11 am! yep! was very lazy!
Then i had Mathematics tuition with one of my brothers tuition teachers so yeah some weirdo! hahah(: Then i went to meet Priscilla at Holland at that shits person made me wait there for like 15 minutes! very good la she! hahah but it's fine(:
then we ____________________________________(Prisciila understand?)
yeah you'll will find out soon yeah?
ok then we came my house and then i went to Melanie's house to swim...
Yeah it was a fun day.... got to go get ready for schooool):

So what we suppose to do?
can you please help me decide...
because i know sometimes you
feel like we are not friends
and sometimes we are right?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday. August 8, 2009

so i am in Malaysia if some people dont know...
hhaha yeah.. and i am soo happy! i went shopping today and i bought stuff but the best was the three-quarter jeans and vest from Mango!
and oh ya isaw a spongebob pillow somewhere at the shopping mall and i bought it for someone because it reminded me of someone!
yeah so watched The Proposal today! sooo nice<3 it was funnyy! i'm kinda tired so, i guess that's all for now!:D i'm off!


Don't worry, I feelthe
exact same way as you!
that's why i don't know
what to do!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

sorry have not been posting!
oh my god my body is aching sooo much that i could not even get up in the morning!
so as you can read... i did not go to school!
hahah but i am actually bored!
i have to go pack soon as i am going to malaysia during the weekend!(:
so yeah...
even though i am posting today, i am going to talk about yesterday! hee hee:D
went for dance, then went to holland to collect my iTouch for DAVIN!
so rachel and davin had not reachedd yet so me and priscilla went to eat at subway first!
then when they came, we made soo much noise that this guy at subway was queuing with his family and suddenly said haiyo these people are soo noisy! and he went to sit outside!
ok i have to go pack!
i might not able to make it for the telematch tomorrow!): because I just starting to get soarthroat!!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today i woke up at 9 in the morning because my body was hurting like MAD! 
haha then went to Jurong libarry to do our english project!
haha i swaer we did not even do anything there!
anyways after that went to Holland with Priscilla to eat Swensens and in the end we did not have enough money to pay the bill!!
so then priscilla went to withdraw..
then we went to Rachels house but she did not want to tell us her level and etc. so we were waling everywhere shouting her name i tell you!(:
then i came home... 
and one last thing!
and ohh ya miss chong's fiance is my brothers good friend bother!